What is YOUR relationship with cooking?

There are days, weeks, times that we feel stressed and overwhelmed.
We wonder, are there any people interested in what I have to say?
Are they interested in “MY WORD”?

Maybe yes, maybe not. But then I think that we speak because we want to share.
Because we believe we can offer some value in this world out there, so we keep moving on.

This is “MY WORD”

This is “MY WORD”, does it resonate with YOURS?

  • not an expert but a passionate cooker.
  • love cooking since childhood.
  • love learning new cooking skills and recipes, especially traditional ones, from all around the world.
  • try to convince people around me to taste something different. Maybe too much, sometimes!
    Ask my brother about it.
  • mostly cook authentic Greek recipes although I make changes all the time.
  • really don’t cook when NOT IN MOOD.
  • cooking my best when loving ones are supposed to eat with us.
  • cooking with anything available in my fridge and cupboards.
  • barely plan even though I would love to
  • love my village kitchen.

What about YOU?
What is Your relationship with cooking?
Would you like to share Your cooking experiences?
I am sure we would all love to hear them!

relationship with cooking

Duet /
Olive wood salad’s grabber

made from olive wood by Sofia Michailidou
You can see her work by clicking her name!