Today we will talk about limits

Limits on new experiences, in new tastes, in new life mindset, in time!

Why we set limits.

We all set our limits to secure ourselves and others, to reach our goals, to survive through difficulties, to set plans that work.
I am sure you can think of much more reasons.


You probably wonder what limits have to do with cooking?
I will explain it in….. a few minutes.


What are our personal boundaries?

There are limits that are set to ourselves by ourselves and limits that are set from others to ourselves and of course those that we set to others.

Let’s stay focused on those set by us to us!!
Let’s discuss ourselves and not others!

Have you recently reviewed your limits?

Making a checklist for example and see how many they are, how many of these work to your benefit and how many not.
We will find out that there are some of them that have been set years ago!!!
And stayed there, in the back of our head and their only benefit is a headache.

So let’s now connect all these to your everyday Cooking Life.

  • I don’t have time to cook
  • I am confused with all the information around
  • I will never create a dish as tasteful as that of a great chef
  • I will fail
  • My family will laugh at me
  • I am tired following all these cooking procedures
  • We do not eat at home at all

These are your personal boundaries regarding your cooking life!


Let’s change the game

  • No need of much time to cook sth tasty and healthy
  • No need to read all the information that you come across
  • No need to be a 5* chef
  • If you won’t try you will never know
  • Your family will love your creativity and love offering
  • Forget the procedures, Live your “Cooking Love Story”
  • Try it, eat at home sometimes, you will love it

Are you ready to break your cooking boundaries and live your
“Authentic Cooking Love Story”?
Stay tuned and see how boundaries fall!!