The Challenge Series was a real challenge for me also!

That was a challenge and still is!
I said that Challenge #1, in our Facebook group – Cooking Love Story, would start on Monday and it is Friday already.
Oh, my God.

Yes, the opening of this challenge has been a big challenge for me.
Different approaches from different people and choices to make.
Who to start with, in which way and what will the response be?

Phrases that came along with, from you…..

  • See cooking from a different perspective
  • Keeping it simple and sincere
  • They cook I eat
  • I cook they eat
  • As good as it gets
  • Tired of thinking what to cook
  • Experiment is the key to perfection
  • Bored & boring
  • I feel myself
  • if you really can make him start to cook…

Thoughts that came along with from me….

  • What is your current perspective
  • What is simple
  • What is sincere
  • Why you eat but not cook
  • How good can it get
  • Why are you tired
  • Is only experiment important and sufficient
  • How can cooking be boring
  • How can you be bored and why
  • What does feel myself mean
  • Can you really cook if you haven’t so far
  • More…more.. more…

How can I best approach you and your Cooking Love Stories?
And do not forget, that we all create the stories inside and outside ourselves.

So the final decision is to start with the most direct way.
A video!

And in this way #1 Challenge shall begin!