Quick & Easy Recipes

If we consider our daily rhythms, we will realize that these two words QUICK & EASY, are being used all the time. And maybe misinterpreted.
We want fast results in our work, in our relationships, in our effort to lose weight, in the thyme that we planted! Some things need their time and that is what makes them more beautiful.

What impact does this attitude have on cooking?

Websites, blogs, cooking books give us solutions for quick, easy and tasty recipes. And there are countless.
It is the need of our days.
We can not deny it, nor should we, I believe.

But, personally, I would like to emphasize that this is not the only view we should have in mind.

We will end up losing a plethora of recipes that “need their time”!
And these recipes will start to look like an ancient history …
Isn’t that a shame?

How about getting ahead? And lead?

Everyday life is running towards, and we run behind it.
How about getting ahead? And lead?
Once a week, a Sunday lunch or a Saturday night dinner?

Cook a recipe that looks like a mountain to you!
For each one of us, this mountain has a different name.

So let’s climb our own mountain!