More than 10 to 15 legumes in one dish!

“Pallikaria” it is a recipe that has its roots in antiquity as it reminds us of “panspermia” and the Minoan people’s offers to their Goddesses.

“Panspermia” was an offer to ancient gods like Appolon and Hermes. They gathered a part of all the new year seeds boiled them together and offered them as gratitude for the new field crop.

Until Nowadays

In Crete, it is a habit that survives for thousands of years until nowadays. And is called “pallikaria”. It is cooked on the 5th of January in the celebration of the baptism of Christ. Also during the Lent before Easter.

Everybody should eat of this dish. Not only the family members but also the animals of the house included chickens and wild birds. They threw a plate full of pallikaria on the house roof so that all animals would eat. And in this way, they will thank and forgive the family owner for every mistake and sin he has made to them.

All these information has been taken from “Paul Vlastos”. He dedicated his life studying and writing about the cultural tradition of Crete at the 19th century.

Is it necessary to put so many legumes and seeds?

It is an easy recipe to make. After all, put as many legumes and seeds you have in your cupboard.
So easy!!

“Pallikaria” More than 10 to 15 legumes and seeds in one dish!
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  • 1/2 cup of every legume and seed you can gather
  • fresh onions
  • olive oil
  • lemon juice
  • anitho
  • sea salt
  • fresh pepper


    the previous night
  1. gather all the legume and seeds you can and put them in a big pot
  2. fill it with hot water
  3. cooking day
  4. strain them and choose one of the 2 cooking options that we have
  5. option 1
  6. after strained them
  7. boil all together until cooked
  8. strain them again and put them in dip plates
  9. add in every plate chopped fresh onions, olive oil, lemon juice, sea salt, fresh pepper and anitho
  10. serve it and enjoy your historical dish
  11. option 2
  12. saute the chopped fresh onions in olive oil
  13. add the legumes and seeds
  14. add hot water and sea salt
  15. cook them until ready
  16. then add anitho, lemon juice and fresh pepper


Pallikaria more than 10 to 15legumes & seeds in one dish