The Challenge Series was a start.

I wasn’t sure of your response…. I can happily state that it was really loving!
Cooking Love Stories that came to surface and inspired us to look into cooking in a different way, from a different angle.

The Challenge Series will continue, as we want our kitchens full of life, love, creativity and offering.

But a new idea came along.

An idea that will walk along with our Cooking Challenges.

We need more inspiration from everyday people that in some way,
some day in their lives came across cooking, made it their way of living, their passion and profession.

Chefs? Not only and not necessary!
Entrepreneurs, bloggers, photographers, business owners etc.
And that is the miraculous aspect of these live meetings.

We make choices every moment of our lives.
We go from North to South and East to West.
The sun is shining above our heads and we are here to enjoy life.

Cooking is a tiny little word. It cannot describe life experiences.

And that is what we are going to do!
Share experiences where cooking is present!

  • Would you imagine a girl that wanted to be a doctor but studied economics and now is running a successful historical family restaurant?
  • Or a boy that also studied economics and he owns a company that produces traditional handmade salads, that export all over the world?

These and much more will come.

Business inspiration? Maybe
Life inspiration? Definitely
Cooking Love Stories? For sure

In November we start!
Stay tuned….. for our FB lives, AuthenticMacaronia