Authenticity’s History

After writing my post about at least 6 months ago, I started listening from any source I came along the word “authentic”.

I wasn’t paying attention or authenticity is the new trend?
I really do not know but it is really interesting listening that authenticity is a status that most of us respect and need it in our lives.

This is, after all, the fact that I love and respect authenticity, I named my blog
“Authentic Macaronia”.

What does Authentic mean to you?

The reason of this post has been a small line of a book regarding food criticism and writing.
According to the writer, authentic is a word that should not be used when describing food, recipes, etc.
How can you know what is authentic? How can you say that this is authentic and this is not!

Of course, I couldn’t agree more with the writer that you cannot measure authenticity!
That would be a big lie!!!
But maybe you can feel it, according to your experiences and your background.

This sentence filled my mind!

I am not using this adjective in my recipes, but my blog’s brand name is Authentic Macaronia. OMG!!
Have I made a big mistake according to the writer? Probably yes, probably not!

So let’s figure out what authentic means to me, and what authentic means to you!

Authentic means a recipe, a taste, a flavor, a smell that reminds me of Greece.
The images that fill my imaginary view is the Greek countryside, its’ smell, the feeling of the air next to the sea, the smell of the bread as the baker man takes it off the oven.

Have you seen the Ratatouille film? I bet you did!
The strict critic eats the ratatouille dish and there it happens…………
A miracle!!
The taste, the flavor of the dish brought him back to his childhood, reminded him of his mother and his family house! Changed his life once more!

This is authentic!!!



So what is authentic?

Most of the Greek recipes have decades of different options, different looks, so what is authentic?

If you are from an island in the Cyclades or from Crete you cook in a different way!
If you are from seaside or mountain you use different ingredients.
But it is always a recipe called “gemista” and they all are authentic, in their own way!!

I couldn’t talk about authentic French recipes, I really don’t have any experience of them.

But I have experience in Greek cuisine, maybe different from another Greek cook,
but I consider it authentic!

Let’s sum this post up!

So to sum this post up, authentic might be used in a wrong way, by wrong people and wrong goals.
For me, it is a word that brings us towards reality and numerous authentic experiences from different people that are Authentic!

So what do YOU think authentic is?

The best pizza your friends ever tasted, when you were gathered in your house last week?
Your husband’s favourite salad, that you are the only specialist?
Your grandmother’s pie?
Your mother’s stew?
The tasty sausage that you ate in Germany?
The cheese you tasted in a French village?
A well-cooked spinach pie an old woman offered you in your trip to Greece?

Authentic is every dish that expresses You, the cook, every dish that brings happiness to those that eat, shows the love and devotion of the creator!

Authentic is Cooking through time!!!!

Cannot wait to hear your comments!