Dear readers,

I am Artemis Gavriilidou and this is “Authentic Macaronia”.

(As soon as I wrote this sentence I was pretty sure I have stolen it from a man I really admire, him and his work, Seth Godin. Dear Seth I hope you will forgive me).


The moment I read in one of my favourite cookbooks the meaning-etymology of the word “macaronia” I knew this would be my blog’s name.

You might find it awkward but the root of the word “macaroni” is an ancient Greek wish for the dead. They wished them to be “Blissful and Eternal”. These words in Greek are “makarii & aeonii”.
They made little pasta from wheat, cooked it and throw it on the grave! This pasta that was offered to the dead was called “makaronia”.
This word travels my mind at different times and offers me a vision. I wish it will do the same for you.

But the name was already taken…… So now what? I thought to myself, I need to add another word that also means a great deal to me.
And that was “authentic”. A word that has probably landed in my mind many years ago, who knows (I don’t), and I feel it like a part of my heart and soul.

You can also read my post that I am referring to authenticity.


I am Greek, Christian Orthodox and I live in Thessaloniki.
I am married to Andreas, a wonderful man, passionate wood sculpture artist, who -by the way- created my logo! I experienced and learnt so much about nature from him.
And we have a really cute cat, named Zouzou!


I love books and of course reading and learning, it’s a “hobby” you get addicted to……
I love cooking and testing new ideas
I love tasting new flavours that offer new experiences. Food, drinks, coffee, etc
I love connecting with people and sharing ideas, just like you
I love traveling
I love nature
I love art and traditional music and dancing
Most likely I love writing, I have been writing all my life…


Beyond these, an important part of my life is ARTEMIS MIXER, our family company.
Together with my parents Saki & Litsa and my brother George we are trying to make a difference in our field.

I have lived and grown in it for almost 25 years and yes I LOVE IT too!

(So I am obliged to inform you if you buy anything from ARTEMIS MIXER, I am not earning a percentage…. I take it all!!)


This blog started 4 years ago mainly as a food blog.
But later on, other subjects troubled my mind that I needed to integrate within it.
As we evolve being unique personalities changes take place, new questions need an answer so we move on.

So “Authentic Macaronia” is a house of

sharing ideas that bother my mind, and probably yours. And as dear Phyllis often says in her podcast.
“the mind cannot live with unanswered questions”.

experiences that can offer you an alternative view of life.

knowledge that might help you in your path, whatever this is.

Inevitably there will be cooking…..

Thank you for being here and connecting with me and with each other.