November, the olives period

Now is the time that olives are picked from the trees and olive oil is produced at olive-oil mills. The gathering of the olives begins in November and lasts until the following March.

Table olives

So we will start the preparation of our own table olives! Don’t you like them?
Should you have the opportunity to find fresh olives just picked from the tree, try it and I promise you it will be your favourite food preparation of the year!

I believe farmer’s market is a great place to search! It really worths the try!

The preparation will be completed in Your own table olives – Part 2.

your own table olives





Your own table olives - Part 1
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  • olives
  • sea salt (gross)


  1. Wash under water your olives and strain them.
  2. Take a clean piece of cloth, a pillow case is the easiest way. We all have plenty pillow cases in our houses.
  3. Open the pillow case and put some salt at the bottom.
  4. Add a layer of olives.
  5. Add a layer of salt and so on until olives and salt are over.
  6. Tie up your pillow case and put it in a strainer.
  7. Put the strainer in a bowl in order to gather the liquid that olives will take out.
  8. Let it aside, in a place that is convenient for you and does not bother you with its presence!
  9. I have it outside in my balcony!
  10. Every now and then (every week) move the pillow case upside down. That will help your olives!
  11. After almost a month, it depends on the olives, on the position you let them to dry, on the weather, you will check them to be sure they are ready.
  12. Then we will complete the preparation in Your own table olives-Part 2.


The Perfect Analogy is 1/10. If you have 1 kg of olives you will use 100gr of salt. So simple!



your own table olives