I am an everyday Greek and Christian orthodox woman. I live in Thessaloniki, the capital of northern Greece.

I work since I was 18 years old and together with my brother and parents I have been running a family business for more than 20 years. I have loved cooking since I was a child and tried to learn the most from my mother and grandmothers. I studied cooking but never worked as a professional chef apart from my practice period and a little more!

I am married to Andreas, who -by the way- created my logo! He is an awesome wood carver. I experienced and learnt so much about nature from him.

I cook for my loved ones, firstly my beloved husband  who tastes anything I cook, good or bad! And Simsi our cat, who always want to taste everything!! And then I cook for YOU who have the curiosity to travel with me through Greek cooking culture.


You might find it awkward but the root of the word “macaroni” is an ancient Greek wish for the dead. They wished them to be “Blessed and Eternal”. These words in Greek are “makarii & aeonii”. They would make little pasta from wheat, cooked it and throw it on the grave! This pasta called “makaronia”.

This word travels my mind at different times and gives me hope. I wish it will do the same for you.

And AUTHENTIC because you will come across with authentic Greek recipes from ancient times until today, stories of everyday cooking life that every authentic woman created and will continue to create forever!


“MACARONIA” is every woman. You, me, our mothers, grandmothers, and ancestors that have been cooking through time.

Their kitchen that has been the centre of every house and family. Every kitchen small or big, in towns or villages, in islands or mountains. The people around the table for good times or for bad, from ancient times until now.

And, as men in our times have increasingly entered the home kitchens, hey guys, you too can be “macaronia”!

And I, Artemis, who will be your correspondent in this interesting journey in Greek cooking and Christian orthodox tradition.


The culture of Greece brought to you by everyday life. The love of being on the same table with those you love and celebrate together. You have heard about the huge benefits of Mediterranean diet and food products. It’s time to find out more about how to make them your own! Join me in this journey through time and landscape.


How many recipes you may ask? Billions of them!

As billions were and still are the women mainly, who have offered their time, knowledge and love to feed their loved ones through history. You will get to know about Greek cooking (recipes-ways-instructions-stories) to create your own cuisine!

This food blog is about YOU. YOU are the CREATOR! I will give you some information you might do not know. I will tell you some stories about my country’s traditions and way of cooking and how these two combine together.

And I will post recipes of foods you know but also traditional recipes from different regions of Greece you may have never heard about. PLAY with them and make them your own.

I will be very happy to hear about your experiences!

I will do my best to make my posts short and concise! I know we all strive for time and I thank you in advance for your love!